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Introduction to jiaozuo university

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Approved by the people's government of henan province and put on record by the ministry of education, jiaozuo university is a comprehensive local college for training applied technology talents. The university is located in jiaozuo city, an emerging and outstanding Chinese landscape tourism city in northwest henan province. Professor wang mengkui, a member of the 15th CPC central committee and former director of the research office of the state council and the development research center of the state council, was appointed honorary President of jiaozuo university. Member of Chinese academy of sciences, mining engineering expert zhen-qi song, Chinese academy of engineering, tunnel and underground engineering expert wang, counselor of the state council, the sustainable development strategy of the Chinese academy of sciences niuweng-yuan, led the team of tsinghua university institute of mechanical department of precision instruments and machinery, doctoral supervisor xian-kui wang, deputy director of education of the central committee of the communist party of China party school Han Qingxiang a batch of famous experts and scholars at home and abroad, such as the honorary professor for the school.

Jiaozuo university was founded in 1981. After more than 30 years of preparation, consolidation, exploration and rapid development, the university has developed into a large scale, strong faculty, perfect conditions for running a comprehensive university. At present, the school covers an area of 1708 mu with a construction area of 435,000 square meters. Currently, there are 989 faculty members, 195 of whom are full-time professors, associate professors, and other associate senior professional and technical positions, and 424 of whom have doctor's or master's degrees or above. More than 40 high-level talents, including the state council special allowance, henan provincial government special allowance, academic and technical leaders of henan province, and outstanding teachers of henan province, have been granted. More than 11,000 full-time students. The total value of teaching equipment is 96.35 million yuan. The library has a collection of 1.373 million volumes. There are also more than 325,000 kinds of electronic books. 638 kinds of periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages; CNKI and other 19 databases; Has the advanced digital information resources management system and the literature computer integrated management system. The university has a "library donated by professor wang mengkui", which contains more than 10,000 precious books, handwritten manuscripts and relevant documents donated by professor wang mengkui, which provides convenient conditions for the study of contemporary Chinese economic theories and policies. At present, the university has 58 laboratories and centers, 4 teaching practice factories and 111 off-campus practice bases. The school has advanced electric classroom, language room, dance practice room, computer campus network system, sports stadium, with good conditions, well-equipped student apartments and ordinary dormitory. We will publish the journal of jiaozuo university and jiaozuo university newspaper.

School set up complete professional, cover higher vocational professional equipment manufacturing major categories, electronic information, biological and chemical categories categories, civil engineering and construction categories, finance trade categories, culture and art groups, education and sports categories, categories of journalism and public administration, public security and judicial categories, tourism and service categories categories, energy and material categories, food and drug and food categories, resources, environment and safety categories, etc. Equipped with mechanical and electrical engineering institute, college of information engineering, institute of civil engineering, chemical engineering and environmental engineering institute, college of humanities, arts institute, institute of economic management, foreign languages institute, institute of law and political education, tai chi martial arts school, basic sciences, such as 15 departments, there are mechanical manufacturing and automation, chemical biological technology, computer network technology, e-commerce, tourism management, hotel management, dance performances and 58 majors. Among them, the major of electromechanical integration is the pilot major of education and teaching reform of the ministry of education, and the major of chemical technology is the pilot major of education and teaching reform of henan province. The three majors of bio-chemical technology, marketing and architectural engineering technology are the construction points of provincial characteristic majors. Bio-chemical process and material engineering technology is a pilot specialty of comprehensive reform in henan province. Construction engineering technology and tourism management are professional construction projects of ministry of finance and ministry of education to enhance the development ability of professional service industry. Mechanical manufacture and automation major, marketing major and computer art design major are provincial demonstration training base construction projects. 3 d animation, construction materials and testing, the computer engineering drawing "course such as won the award for the provincial excellent courses, the three dimensional animation is the fine sharing resources in henan province, the building materials and the test is the national civil fine course, class teaching refers to appoint" JAVA language program design "won the 2015 colleges and universities in henan province resources sharing high-quality goods curriculum construction project. The teaching team of applied chemical technology major and the teaching team of biological chemical process were rated as provincial teaching team.

School efforts to promote the reform of research production integration mode, speed up technology transfer, actively serve the community, established the Chinese engineering technology research center, jiaozuo flexible automation control engineering technology research center, jiaozuo precision mold design and manufacturing engineering technology center and other 19 research institutions, and with the Chinese academy of sciences academician xie yu yuan group jointly established the specialized subject of colleges and universities in henan province was the first academician workstation namely four huaiqing Chinese medicines in henan province academician workstation, further improve the research level. Actively promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the research and development of yam beverage and production technology won the national invention patent, the three kinds of rehmannia liquor and other new huaiyao products through the identification of scientific and technological achievements in henan province, iron stick yam wine, yam beverage production technology successfully transferred to foreign countries. To organize teachers to take an active part in the plan of science and technology commissioners at provincial and municipal levels, develop new science and technology products jointly with enterprises, and further enhance the ability of scientific research to serve economic and social development.

Schools adhere to fully implement the party and the country's education policy, defined the direction of serving local economic and social development of running a school, constantly adjust and optimize the structure of subjects, adhere to the university-enterprise cooperation personnel training mode, successively with henan axis group, fluorine and so on more than 100 domestic and foreign enterprises to conduct integration, production and education efforts to achieve the school development and the demand of economic and social development closely. Over the years, the school has been well supplied with students and the employment rate has reached more than 95% year by year. It has successively provided more than 60,000 application-oriented and skilled talents who can stay and be used for local economic and social development, and they are playing an active role in economic construction and social development.

In recent years, the rapid development of the school has attracted great attention from all walks of life. Its development achievements have been reported by hundreds of media including People's Daily, guangming daily, CCTV, China education daily, People's Daily, xinhuanet and qiushi theory. School has won the "civilized unit of henan province", "higher education teaching work in henan province advanced collectives", "ideological and political work advanced unit in henan province", "henan college graduates employment work advanced unit", "enhancement of appraisal in henan province advanced unit", "" May 4th" red flag youth corps committee of henan province ", "jiaozuo garden unit" and "jiaozuo comprehensive management advanced unit" and other honorary titles. Song jinzhu, a well-known translator in China, was selected as one of the "good people in China" and "ten people who moved jiao zuo".

Facing new opportunities and challenges, jiaozuo university clear "talents, universities according to laws and regulations, the cooperation school, characteristic development" working train of thought, jiaozuo, henan, radiation surrounding, comply with the "region" and henan three national strategic development needs, cultivating high-quality skilled talents technology, better serve the local economic and social development demand for applied talents.


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